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Photos from Cambridge dada/futurism event, 24 October 2009 November 30, 2009

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More about the event here.

Futurism / Dada exhibition 1

Futurism / Dada exhibition 2

Futurism / Dada exhibition 3

Futurism / Dada exhibition 4

Futurism / Dada exhibition 5

Futurism / Dada exhibition 6

Futurism / Dada exhibition 7

Futurism / Dada exhibition 8

Futurism / Dada exhibition 9

Futurism / Dada exhibition 10


The first version word lists November 4, 2009

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Katie Price, Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Britney, Peter Andre, Kylie, Brad Pitt, Harry Potter, Jade Goody, Amy Winehouse, Posh and Becks, Scarlett Johansson, Robbie Williams, Russell Brand, La Roux, Cheryl Cole, Jonathan Ross, Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Vivienne Westwood, Nick Griffin, Sarkozy, John Ruskin, Obama, Jamie Oliver, Jennifer Aniston, Barbara Windsor, Kerry Catona, Coleen, Susan Moyles, David Furnish, Enid Blighton, Charlotte Roche, Shakin Stevens, Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Chelsea, Melvyn Bragg, Zadie Smith, Terry Pratchett, Dennis Waterman, Hannah Montana, Ann Rice, Paris Hilton, Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay

Big Brother, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Primark, Masterchef, Starbucks, gel pens, reassuringly expensive, 98-octane unleaded, Hollyoaks, risk assessment, speed awareness, The Archers, social capital, iPhone, facebook, twitter, wife swap, lesbians, L-Word, school dinners, green bin, blue bin, recycling, pilates, bottle bank, composting, big knickers, popsocks, txt spk, socialist worker, postal strikes, Eurotunnel, Ryanair, Ginsters, badgers, Hillman Superminx, god particle, meme, bendy bus, Chelsea Wagon, organics, BMX, skate park, self-assessment, spoken word, performance poetry, carbon offset, carbon footprint, tea break quickie, Dyna Wideglide, Triumph Trident, Beagle2, Hadron Collider, Viagra, XBox360, folksonomie, Wikipedia, Kindle, Amazon, Brompton, Bertola, iTunes

Neutrogena, Volumising Shampoo, cellulite, flat stomachs, puffy eyes, teeth whitening, airbrushing, size zero models, skinnyfrappamochachino, because you’re worth it, botox, T-Zone, scampi fries, slush puppy, herbal tea, low risers, Croydon facelift, meal deal, reward card, WKD, red bull, KitKat Chunky, Yo Sushi, Wagamama, bum bag, Broadside, Birmingham, Harveys Bristol Cream, paper-free, liposuction, boob job, collagen, customer service, New Look, Topshop, skinnylatte, 3for2, mp3, postmodern, language, internet

What is BLAST-UP! – and why? October 13, 2009

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BLAST-UP! Is a computer game, a poem and a tribute to Vorticism, the English response to continental avant-garde provocations in the years just before the First World War.

Conceived by Katy Price and designed, programmed and realised by Chris Joseph, BLAST-UP! is loaded with vocabulary drawn from sources in British mass culture such as Heat Magazine and the Daily Mirror.

The player of BLAST-UP! fires at these invading words as they swarm across the screen, accumulating a list of ‘Blessed’ and ‘Blasted’ terms.

At game over, BLAST-UP! prints a manifesto in the style of the short-lived Vorticist publication, Blast, produced by Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis from 1914-1915.

BLAST-UP! has been created to bring the spirit and ideas of Vorticism into contact with a wider audience. It also aims to extend the capacities of digital poetry, by exploring the extent of reader / user involvement in creating output and supplying input names and terms.

BLAST-UP! needs your vocab suggestions: please post them here as comments – thank you!

BLAST-UP! is premiering at an interactive Futurism / Dada exhibition as part of the Festival of Ideas in Cambridge, 24th October 2009.

BLAST-UP! screenshot of opening screen October 13, 2009

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