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What is BLAST-UP! – and why? October 13, 2009

Posted by kittprice in about.

BLAST-UP! Is a computer game, a poem and a tribute to Vorticism, the English response to continental avant-garde provocations in the years just before the First World War.

Conceived by Katy Price and designed, programmed and realised by Chris Joseph, BLAST-UP! is loaded with vocabulary drawn from sources in British mass culture such as Heat Magazine and the Daily Mirror.

The player of BLAST-UP! fires at these invading words as they swarm across the screen, accumulating a list of ‘Blessed’ and ‘Blasted’ terms.

At game over, BLAST-UP! prints a manifesto in the style of the short-lived Vorticist publication, Blast, produced by Ezra Pound and Wyndham Lewis from 1914-1915.

BLAST-UP! has been created to bring the spirit and ideas of Vorticism into contact with a wider audience. It also aims to extend the capacities of digital poetry, by exploring the extent of reader / user involvement in creating output and supplying input names and terms.

BLAST-UP! needs your vocab suggestions: please post them here as comments – thank you!

BLAST-UP! is premiering at an interactive Futurism / Dada exhibition as part of the Festival of Ideas in Cambridge, 24th October 2009.



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